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20 Fun Facts to lighten your day

Mj and I picked up a copy of FUN FACTS, by David Letterman. I collected a few to share with you to lighten your day...

1. When it was introduced in 2001, the iPod was the size of a refrigerator and held two songs.

2. After you die, your tongue continues to grow.

3. The French Dip is consistently voted the world’s dampest sandwich.

4. At any given moment, 20 million men don’t realize that their fly is down.

5. In the days before limousines people flaunted their wealth by riding very long horses.

6. When a U.S. president dies, it is customary for his secret service agent to be executed and buried in an adjacent plot.

7. Wayne Gretzky prefers his soda without ice.

8. In 1978, a man found two snowflakes that were exactly alike, but they melted before it could be verified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

9. There are only three documented cases of people juggling in their sleep.

10. Twenty-two percent of grooms secretly try on their bride’s wedding gown.

11. The nickel is only 25% nickel; the dime is only 15% dime.

12. Although a lobster’s claw is strong enough to crack a walnut, lobsters don’t really care for walnuts.

13. Due to a typographical error, Ohio law mandates a three-day waiting period before you can buy gum.

14. Historians believe Amelia Earhart’s final flight got lost because her navigator, like most men, wouldn’t ask for directions.

15. No one in the world has been found to have a birthday on March 16.

16. Before a budget cut, the Lincoln Memorial’s chair was supposed to come with a matching ottoman.

17. Few ranchers actually use ranch dressing.

18. Contrary to the popular slogan, 68% of what happens in Vegas leads to divorce and/or bankruptcy.

19. Matthew is the only gospel that mentions Jesus being ticklish.

20. Hearses carrying a body are eligible to drive in the carpool lane.

(Originally posted on Sunday, December 7, 2008)


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