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Did you Board the Wrong (political) Train?

I just stared reading MAGA Seduction: Resisting the Debasement of the Christian Conscience, by Patrick Kahnke. Pat is a local St. Paul retired pastor. He writes…

I pastored evangelical churches for 20 years, and I voted as a por-life, conservative Republican my entire life—until Donald Trump. I stayed out of politics for all the years I spent planting and pastoring a church, and even restricted my intake of political news so I could preach in as unbiased a manner as possible. But when I retired from vocational ministry just before the 2016 election, I saw the Trump train steaming down a track headed toward a dark wilderness I had no desire to explore.

I’ve begun, since then, to speak out publicly again the Trump presidency and the larger movement of Trumpism that will still survive after he leaves. Many conservative Christians (my people) have expressed bewilderment, disappointment, and sometimes even shock at my position….I’m reminded of a quote from Steven Haynes’ chapter “If You Board the Wrong Train” in the book The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump:

So, what to do in 2020? I know some Christians could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary in 2016. So, they took a chance on Trump, convinced he was the lesser of two evils. But now that the scale of Trump’s “evil” has become terrifyingly clear, Christians are obligated to do their part in neutralizing it…. “If you board the wrong train,” Bonhoeffer famously said, “it’s no use running along the corridor in the opposite direction.” This was his response to those who thought they could remain loyal to Christ while working to reform the nazified German Reich Church “from within.” Christians who support Trump face an equally stark choice.…”

You can purchase Pat's book through Amazon HERE.


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