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“Faith” (or, A Ride on the Viper), part 1

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today’s surprise: a wild roller-coaster ride in the cab of life!

Sparks began to fly (in a good way) in the middle of a meeting when a friend and I began to realize that our paths, and the paths of several mutual friends and colleagues, have been recently crisscrossing all over the place! We laughed and giggled like kids in a candy store the more we talked and shared a mutual vision for working together. There’s a part of me that identifies this kind of thing as a movement of God, a brush with the Holy Spirit, a glimpse of the Grand Arranger for those who have eyes to see. Another part of me holds back though, wondering if I’ve just stumbled into a dazzling array of coincidences, looking for a pattern where there is none. At least, none that is intentionally planned. There’s no way to know for sure, is there? You can’t prove it either way. You just have to choose which way you want to go in life. And you choose based on what you believe, what you know, and what you’ve experienced. One choice is often called “faith.” The other is often called “reason.” They’re not necessarily mutually exclusive, but in this instance they are. For me, I choose the way of faith. I choose to see the hand of God working behind the scenes. Bringing people together in one-off ways. Prompting long-lost friends to phone-call one another out of the blue… for no particular reason, at just the exact right moment.

That just happened to a friend of mine yesterday. He hadn’t seen or heard from this former colleague for ten years. Then, on the very day that he needed a key word of encouragement and “sign” that God was still walking right beside him in life—he got a short phone call. From a long-ago friend. To say just what my friend needed to hear. The timing could not have been more perfect if it had been scripted by Hollywood (where everything always works out just perfectly in the movies).

(See part 2, continued)


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