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Grass Between My Toes

Monday, April 21, 2008

Our mini small group met tonight and discussed the first week of our prayer experiment: praying daily the prayer, “Surprise Me, God.” No earth-shattering revelations were given to any of us. At least that we were aware of. And that’s really the crux of it, isn’t it? Being aware. Being aware of what God is doing. Being aware of how God may be moving in our lives. Being aware of how God may be moving behind the scenes where it’s difficult to see God. Being aware of how God may be involved in our relationships and interactions with other people. Being SURPRISED. One question from Terry Esau's book, Surprise Me, that we’re wrestling with: “Do you ever wish you knew for certain which of your thoughts/ideas came from God? How would it be easier/harder if you had this information?” We all agreed that we yearned to know with more certainty which ideas and thoughts came from God. We could move ahead much more productively in our lives without all the discerning, and reflecting, and decision-making, and failing, and the starting over again. (This may not necessarily be a value of God’s, however. God may be perfectly comfortable with lots of discernment, discussion and decision-making. The Bible seems to hint in this direction, anyway.)

My “surprises” today? The beauty of neighbors flooding out-doors, strolling casually down the streets! I enjoyed several serendipitous conversations throughout the day. Met lots of neighbors. So did Toast, my 14 week-old Golden. It was fantastic. (Hey—for all you non-Minnesotans who are poking fun at us for such a silly thing… just remember—it’s been six months since we’ve felt grass between our toes!) Thank you, God.


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