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Take A Shot. Win A Prize.


Try writing a 6-WORD STORY that best describes 2020. That’s right, put together a “six-word phrase” that best captures the heart of 2020.

Here's my example: "Aching for my Covid-imprisoned mama." Anyone can take part! You don’t have to be an expert. Take a shot.


  • Write a six-word story that captures the essence, or heart, of 2020.

  • You can only use six words, but may use any kind of punctuation that’s appropriate to make your point. (No offensive or hate words.) You may submit more than one entry.

  • Email it to me at anytime before the end of the day, Jan. 2.

  • The winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon.

Each day through Jan. 2 I’ll post the entries on this page. On Sunday, Jan. 3, Janna Nobleza (M.A. in English Literature) and I will select the three best and ask all those who have submitted entries to vote for the best 6-Word Story from among the top three. I’ll announce the winner on Jan. 5. Questions? Email me at Good luck and happy writing!


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