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A Conservative Evangelical's Resistance to Trumpism and What's At Stake

I just ordered the book, MAGA Seduction: Resisting the Debasement of the Christian Conscience, by Patrick Kahnke.

Pat was a pastor in St. Paul with whom I used to pray monthly for several years. He's a conservative evangelical pastor who has just written a book that offers another point of view for his Trump-supporting friends. Here's a sample:

Many Christian supporters of this president have said I should be criticizing the Democrats, or the "godless liberals," instead of Donald Trump. People have called me a "secret leftist" and a "closet atheist" because I dare to point out some rather obvious things about the president.

But we must challenge the belief that Christians ought not to criticize "our own side." That sort of thinking further polarizes our culture and drives us deeper into our own encampments. The last thing the world needs is another conservative Christian, like myself, criticizing the other side. Many of them share our faith but have come to different conclusions about its implications for a political realm. And as for the ones who don't, I can hardly expect an atheist or an adherent to another faith to live like a Christian, and it causes neither me nor the movement I care about any serious harm when they don't.

But the Christians who embrace Donald Trump's nihilistic worldview--they worry me.

Our Moral Authority Is at Stake....


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